The Deckchair team specialise in application development, testing and project management for organisations undergoing technology transformation.
Our team has a history of success helping organisations that span the Financial Services, Telecommunications and Healthcare industries execute on their technology projects.
We are a team of experts, previously operating in senior technology, testing and change management roles and bring a depth of experience and industry context that allows us to partner with you to transform your business.

The Deckchair Difference

We are different to other solution integrators for two reasons; firstly we are focussed on delivering tangible business outcomes for our clients, rather than the technology solution alone. This means that our clients are solving their business challenges with a technology solution that fits and an organisation that supports the change.

Secondly, we can tailor a team and project services to bring you the right people at the right price. Between our onshore and offshore teams we have the capability to support clients through the full project life-cycle. Based on your needs, we can deliver a suite of services and provide you with the right resources from requirements and design to application development and integration through to testing and change management.

End-to-end expertise

We deliver a complete solution from design and development through to testing and transition.

Business first problem solvers

We offer dedicated relationship management to ensure we deliver technology solutions that focus on the business outcome, rather than the technical complexity of a solution.

Right resources for the right roles

Across our onshore and offshore teams we deliver across the project lifecycle at competitive rates for our clients.